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Espressobar combines the daily necessity of a great cup
of coffee with a full and rewarding experience

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Single-Origin Beans

Because we aim to serve the best coffee possible, only the finest single origin beans that score highly in the Cup of Excellence Awards are selected and ethically sourced from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Small-Batch Roasting

After being carefully selected, these beans are transformed by our master roasters to produce the perfect balance of aroma, body, acidity and flavour which can only be achieved by roasting in small batches.

Brewing the Perfect Cup

Our baristas are knowledgeable on the coffee’s preparation, from its origins, harvest date and altitude, to its post-harvest process. They go beyond just preparing coffee of the highest standard — they also provide a satisfying customer experience. Our baristas are empowered with ongoing skills and expertise to produce the perfect cup of coffee and experience that is enjoyed at Espressobar.

Coffee is always a good idea

We make it a great one

  • Great Design

    Designed by MAYATHART ARCHITECTS, the modern and stylish aesthetic enhances any office building, providing customers with an attractive place to frequent throughout the day.

  • Convenient Location

    There is no need to travel far to find our conveniently located Espressobars inside your nearest office building. We are looking forward to reaching more locations and serving more customers in the near future.

  • Exceptional Products

    At Espressobar, we specialise in providing quick and delicious, quality products – baked pastries, cold beverages, specialty teas and of course premium coffee.

  • Comforting Ambience

    An exclusive amenity where customers can not only enjoy a cup of perfectly brewed coffee but also take a break from a busy workday in a relaxing environment.

  • Excellent Service

    One of our key differentiators, besides our relentless pursuit of great coffee, is the level of service and hospitality that we offer. Our professionally trained baristas provide a consistently delightful customer experience.

  • Relentless Passion

    Led by relentless passion, we focus on one thing only – bringing our customers something truly outstanding.

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